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I offer trauma-sensitive, anti-oppressive, guided Mindfulness "Vipassana" Meditation practice sessions and classes appropriate for all identities and experience levels.


Whether you have never practiced meditation before or have some experience with various practices (such as yoga, visualizations or transcendental), students are recommended to begin with the "Introduction Mindfulness Meditation" course to firstly establish the basic, foundational skills. In order for you to establish your own consistent, sustainable practice, a step-by-step, introductory guided approach allows you to skillfully practice, then engage deeper at your own pace and comfort. Much like one cannot practice chemistry without first understanding how the elements function, the same symbolic understanding applies to learning Mindfulness Meditation.


This is why it is paramount for you to learn and practice with a trained professional. Mindfulness apps and technology can certainly be somewhat accessible, however apps do not offer the human element (hi, it me) that is available for personal coaching based on your specific circumstances. In my group and one-on-one coaching, I offer suggestions and variations to support your needs with a non-judgmental presence and lovingkindness.


6-Week "Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation" Course

In-Person / Virtual

March '23 dates TBA


At Empowered Spaces / Google Meet

Mindfulness is a tool, technique and a skill to cultivate compassionate awareness and attention with ourselves and thus, our world. While we cannot always control the life that unfolds around and through us, we can learn to attend to our direct experience in a skillful way that invites nurturance, increased access to agency, and a more resonant relationship with our body.


Sustainer Rate - "I can pay my way" - $60

Supporter Rate - "I can help support my community" - $90

Community Rate - "I can use support from my community" - $30

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"Metta-Morphosis: Mindfulness for Transformative WellBEing" Course

Coming spring 2023!

Pre-requisite recommended:

Introductory Course

Beginner Classes
  • Weekly, Hybrid In-Person / Virtual, Drop-In Mindfulness Meditation Practice
    Mondays, 5:15-6:00pm CST
    St. Louis, 7602 Big Bend Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63119, USA
    Join in-person at Empowered Spaces, or connect via the simulcast via Google Meet, lightly guided mindfulness meditation practice sessions + discussion, open to all experience levels and identities. Donation based - give what you can (suggested $5-$20).
  • Weekly, Virtual, Drop-In Mindfulness Meditation Practice
    Thursdays, 8:00-8:30am CST
    Google Meet
    Lightly guided mindfulness meditation practice sessions, open to all experience levels and identities. Donation based - give what you can (suggested $3-$5)