I offer trauma-sensitive, guided Mindfulness "Vipassana" Meditation practice and courses appropriate for all identities and experience levels.


Whether you have never practiced meditation before or have some experience with various practices (such as yoga, visualizations or transcendental), students are recommended to begin with the Beginners Mindfulness Meditation course to firstly establish the basics. While the tools offered in the thematic courses are standard mindfulness practice, it is essential that you gain the foundational skills necessary to engage deeper with your practice. In order for students to establish their own trauma-sensitive practice, a step-by-step guided approach allows you to skillfully practice at your own pace and comfort. Much like we cannot practice chemistry without first understanding how the elements function, the same symbolic understanding applies to learning Mindfulness Meditation.


This is why it is paramount for students to learn and practice with a trained professional. Mindfulness apps and technology are certainly accessible, however they do not offer the human element (hi, it me) that is available for personal coaching based on your specific circumstances, who can offer you suggestions and variations with non-judgmental presence and lovingkindness.


6-Week "Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation" Course


June 7 - July 19

(No class 6/21)

7pm CST

75-minute virtual sessions

Mindfulness is both a tool and a skill to cultivate compassionate awareness and attention with ourselves and thus, our world. While we cannot always control the life that unfolds around and through us, we can learn to attend to our direct experience in a skillful way that invites nurturance, increased agency of communication & action, and a more resonant relationship with our body. This 6-week, course  ushers students through the basic foundations of cultivating an Insight meditation practice through a trauma-sensitive lens. 


Each class session lasts 75 minutes and includes lecture, guided meditation, question & answer period, and a take-away to continue with a supportive home-practice. This course will be held virtually (over Google Meet) and no meditation experience is necessary. Course resources include: a meditation & mental health resource list and a private discussion forum for support. Upon registration, students will receive an intake form to fill out for participation, as well as a short introductory video to help them prepare.


  • Basic: $60 ($10/class, save $5 paying in advance in full)

  • BIPOC / disabled sliding scale: $30 ($5/class)

  • Pay-It-Forward: $90 (subsidizes sliding scale students, save $10 paying advance in full)

4-Week "Weaving Mindfulness: Meditation for Interdependent Community WellBEing" Course


90-minute virtual sessions

Pre-requisite: Introductory Course



Coming late summer 2022!

  • Basic Mindfulness Grounding Techniques for Performers Workshop
    May 20, 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
    St. Louis, 2720 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO 63118, USA
    Offered at the Show Me Burlesque Festival. We all experience various causes and conditions that contribute to energetic instability. Mindfulness is both a technique and a tool to have in our self-care toolkit to assist in cultivating a resonant relationship with our own nervous system and body.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course
    Tue, Jun 07
    Virtual via Google Meet
    Jun 07, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM CDT
    Virtual via Google Meet
    This 6-week course ushers students through the basic foundations of cultivating a mindfulness meditation practice through a trauma-sensitive lens.

Monthly Coaching Subscription

Add-on support for your new or continuing meditation practice.

  • Weekly Practice

    Every month
    For beginner meditators
    • Weekly virtual practice sessions (alternating Wed / Sun)
    • Full access to Discord forum
    • Meditation & mental health resource list
  • Best Value

    Monthly Check-In

    Every month
    Personal coaching for beginner meditators
    • Monthly 20-minute private, virtual check-in
    • Weekly virtual practice sessions (alternating Wed / Sun)
    • Full access to Discord forum
    • Meditation & mental health resource list