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Welcome to my new blog!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Giving this here new website function a test signal. This will be the place I'll publish writings about all things witchcraft and spirituality, developments in physical sciences that help us understand how the human brain works, how our world community can repair our Starship Earth better and faster, and how we can all build longer tables and less fences together.

Major topics will include:

- Nature Witchery

- Astrology

- Energy healing

- Buddhism

- Mindfulness practices

- Brain science

- Astrophysics

- Evolutionary science

- Mythologies & archetypes

- Sustainable living practices

- Non-pharmaceutical medicinal healing

- Art Therapy

- Global, social support

- Analog living

- Anti-fascism & non-violent protest

- Femme empowerment

I am delighted to forge a place for open, roundtable discussion that delves into the toughest barriers out there keeping humanity un-belonging to each other. Please subscribe and stay tuned as this develops!


-Deanna Danger-

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