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Socially Distant Networking LIVESTREAM Video Interview

Hi lovelies!

I had the distinct honor today of being the very FIRST interview of a new livestream video series called "Socially Distant Networking," from burlesque professional, Sadie Hawkins of Atlanta, GA! Sadie is taking this opportunity during one of the most interesting times to be a human being, to connect with different individuals across the country, in a lighthearted, conversational style interview approach to managing life amidst a pandemic.

I had such a delightful time, getting my brain picked by Sadie in this surprisingly in depth interview! We covered topics such as how I got into burlesque & where I plan to go with it, spirituality, stripping, mental health, embarrassing moments, my favorite shoes, "My Favorite Murder".... and more!

Check it out and be sure to subscribe to her channel for more upcoming interviews!

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