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Blessed Earth Day - Plant Your Roots In The Universe

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Blessed Earth Day to The Mother, To All Her Sacred Children & Spirits, To You. 💚🌎🙏🕯

Since the dawn of the COVID19 shut down here in the U.S. I have been posting YouTube video discussions here in my blog as a way of sharing ideas, tools, and techniques that have assisted me in finding resonance with my Home Frequency. Through nature based spiritual modalities, neuroscience & psychology research, and a healthy dose of Buddhist & Mindfulness Technique, I have been able to achieve profound Body, Mind, Spirit Self-Healing from what seemed like the-ledge-of-no-return, at more times than I'm comfortable talking about.

In light of posting my own video discussion today, I'm passing the mic to someone who has brought much of this awareness of technique into my life over the last year, Mindful Meditation scholar & instructor, Tara Brach. My goal has been to share a video each week, however due to an abundance of recent life changes in my world, I've needed the time to attend to my own seeds & gardens lately.

It seems I've aligned these discussion posts with an approximate New Moon / Full Moon flow, and I'd be remiss to not take this opportunity to share something potent on a day of great alignment to our Earth Mother and the Celestial Bodies around her, as we experience the grounding pull of Luna in Taurus today. Part of my goal in sharing these discussions, as well as my continued pursuits in Life Path is to find the ways & means to assist folks in reconnecting with their Embodied Presence of Authentic Self. Particularly rekindling that resonance following an absolute disconnection or separation of Self due to shame, trauma, grief, pain and fear. In my decade of experience as a burlesque instructor, aka a teacher of Sacred Sensual Movement, aka Folk Art, I have observed many a great wall of obstacle from those with an acute, adverse response to attempting connection to Self through the Body, utilizing this Sacred Work. It has been my most tender & compassionate area of study, and personal Self Practice, so that I may continue be an accessible channel for those to find the kind of Self acceptance and Self Love, as I have been blessed to find.

The discussion posted below from Tara Brach, had me in absolute tears yesterday during my morning yoga practice, and I knew immediately, this was the Energy I wanted to cycle through me and share with the Web today, on Earth Day. 🌎🔮🕸 To Know The Mother, is to Know Self. All deserve to be able to access, understand and co-create with their Authentic, Embodied Self. If you are having difficulties accessing connection to the deeper intuitive parts of Self often buried under both nature and nurture of existing in the difficult world we live in today, please give this, and part 2 to her discussion a listen. Rooting our Body, Mind, Spirit Health is a daily practice of recalibration, but we must first learn to discern our own, still, inner-knowing voice within, our personal vibration, our Home Frequency.

So on this Earth Day, April 22nd, 2020, allow Tara to walk you through a practice of "Embodied Presence (Part 1) – Planting Our Roots in the Universe."

Much love, health & blessings to you & yours,


-Deanna Danger-

Photo courtesy LeVohn Spraggs.

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