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Danger Blog Reboot: Full Moon Gemini Eclipse + The December Grand Conjunction

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Greetings fellow starchildren! ✨

This blog comes written to you from my bathtub today, with pre-woven words put to page throughout the timeless-time that has been the year, 2020. This blog was launched roughly a year ago, with the intention to become a place to...spark. 💥 I was very unsure of how exactly I wanted to utilize this space then, and more clarity indeed came through when our first lockdown occurred, and my healing healer within couldn’t stay silent, or small.

I think it’s safe to say 2020 has blasted all of us open in Divinely Paradoxical ways...I began speaking about 2020, and what we were potentially coming up to, as early as 2018, when all of my favorite astrologers began writing about “The Grand Conjunction,” which you’ll find after this reintroduction, is the actual topic of this reboot. My words about this specific alignment grew as I developed my acumen for reading astrology and as 2019 approached it’s culmination, but the words were scattered. On facebook. On instagram. To business associates, in my private journal. This year, with all of it’s timeless-time available for review (and literally all of the planets in our solar system undergoing intense retrograde at some point or another), I’ve found breathing room to truly embody my various truths, that my words do not deserve to be scattered. Or pushed through the oppressive lens of social media (more on my thoughts about patriarchy & the media in another blog soon...I’ve made a lot of notes this year, throat chakra hella open, lol). 🗣 I’ve been incredibly fortunate this year, in what I’ve been able to accomplish to keep myself safe, and survive so much upheaval (the industry I was working in kind of, umm...evaporated). I absolutely credit the years of soul excavating work I had already been digging through to set me up with just enough resources to make a swim to shore and catch my breath on higher ground while this 2020 tidal wave of new information floods our human consciousness. 😳 This year has been about survival, not getting ahead. Nor back to normal! I for one, think none of us should be in any hurry to “get back to normal,” when there are things in the past that we should no longer normalize. Which brings me to the topic of upheaval. 🌋

What is “The Grand Conjunction,” well I’m not a professional astrologer, but I am an Aquarius Sun / Leo Rising (that’s a dig on both signs for those of you unfamiliar with how either/or sign’s altruistic ego works...we are either your best friend, or your nemesis...your choice, never ours, unless we’re a Leo Sun...I kid). What I am however, is a weaver, and what I like to refer to as a “Professional Catalyst.” 🕸🔥 I’m not writing any new stories, there are no new facts. But what I’ve found that I’m rather adept at, is putting pieces together. 🪡🧵 Weaving threads of words from different spools to burn through the cloak of invisibility so everybody can see what’s really goin’ on in the room. I did not predict the absolute level of fuckery that 2020 has unfolded as, but I knew enough to advise myself, and a few professional peers around me, to pre-seek some high ground and snuggle into some resources, and not jump into making any big decisions until at least early 2021. It doesn’t take clairvoyance, or knowing what the heck a cazimi is to have known that Americans were in for a heck of a year politically and socially, but like with all things magic (which is both political and social), as above, so below. That’s why this blog will always aim to be about extrapolating Big Truths from the Macro into the Soul Embodiment of Our Micro. I’ll never be here to tell you what to think, I’m not your mama or your guru, and what to think isn’t half as interesting to me as how or why anyway. I dig critical thinking. Out of the box. Outside the lines. I dig always being curious and trying to understand the world around us better so that I have less suffering in my life, and contribute to less suffering in the lives of everyone else around me (which is all of us y’all, the whole big ass complicated, extended-fam, loveable, planet Earth). 🌎💗

This blog is going to be a lot about stories. Folklore. Patterns. Symbologies. Metaphors about the inextricable strangeness that is being alive. As a weaver, I’m a communicator (hello & cue foreshadowing to harlot’s web, here...wink, wink). 🕸💻 My degree is actually in Communications. And as a lifelong dancer, my language in movement. Isn’t it strange that language of the body can be understood so much easier, as long as we’ve been receptive to subtler energies, than spoken? Spoken language is hella complex. We know this. What’s also complex is to know that at some point in our tens of thousands of years of human history, we spoke one language, with no words. When things get soooooo complex, like they are in our society now with literally millions of different languages, dialects, unspokens, metaphors, symbols, stories, traditions and essentially, fractal spectrums of folkloric storytelling and art... We have such difficulties, understanding each other, that maybe...we could figure out a way to relearn subtler simplicity. This is why I’ve always loved storytelling through art (mostly of the on-stage variety). And it’s probably why I resonate so much with astrology. The wisdom & knowledge is all about symbols, metaphors, energies, characteristics, stories (but fun-with-shapes-geometric-science! *cue mad scientist lightning crash here*). 🤓🌌⚡️

The stage lights were on for astrology, for me, leading up to 2020, and one of the important scenes I found myself speaking to so many about, was that no matter what...this year was going to give us crystal vision, 2020 baby! 👁👁 (Yikes.) Whether some folks want to accept that vision of reality or not (yes I’m talking about the fall of colonialism here), is a different point than what this blog is about. I am going to do my best to keep this blog, and my life in general (because your they has accepted very serious vows in my educational & professional journey as a healer) about spirituality, and healing, and of course, science. Politics will likely only come into play tangentially because it is personal, and we can’t talk about healing without touching on it. Nothing gets left outside the healing circle ‘round here y’all. 🌎🙏🏻 Besides, there are plenty of other blogs out there about politics, and that is not my area of expertise. BUT, If we’re taking a critical eye on capitalism (which yes, we absolutely are, because it goes hand in hand apparently with colonialism), then we should probably take a look at why we need so much all the time. So many words, so many gadgets, and apps, and plastics, and distractions, and goals and wants and dragon hoards of gold.... The feeling of forever searching, right? 🐉💎

I think we’re learning as a species that we can’t exist unsustainably. Being an Earth Witch, the Mother provides me with every metaphor I could need to understand how to be a decent human, by just taking a moment to observe nature. We already have everything we need to heal within us (the collective, interdependent, us). 🌎💗 We can understand everything we need to grow as a species, and protect each other and all the flora and fauna based on what scientists find out about patterns in nature, right? I think this year has done a good job scientifically showing us that, lol. We as a human species, have been humbled by Mother Nature’s ability to point us directly to the intrinsically interdependent nature of the balance of life and death that is shared in the very air we breathe (wear a mask, save lives). 😷Sure, we are still figuring a lot of things out, but fuck y’all, we can change DNA now. 🧬 Humans can “play god” we should also be actively talking about what we can learn spiritually, from what we are learning about science.

When I take a step back and look at my overall patterns, I can see the tapestry for all that it is. I can see how certain threads wove certain storylines. I can tell when my web was erratic, I can tell when my web was balanced. I’ve had a lot of trauma y’all, lol. I don’t even talk about the half of it, but let’s just say, there are many moments where we could have lost Me. And that wouldn’t have been cool. And it’s these moments that enliven me to speak now. And always learn to speak better. And therefore learn to heal better. Not just for me, but for every single thread my life touches, present, future, and past (yes, healing works on all three y’all, that’s how we travel to higher dimensions in our consciousness, can definitely confirm). 👁🕸 I’m writing this from the bathtub today because even still today, with so much clarity with certain questions, upheaval & chaos can still come in at any time and kick our asses. Segway into the deep shit…🌊

Now that the scene is set, let’s talk about this topic on stage, “The Grand Conjunction.” A conjunction in astrology is when two planets or celestial bodies are so close that their energies enmesh (like any romantic, platonic or business relationship). Most of the time the planets are spinnin’ around out there, facing off to each other’s various stages across the zodialogical chart. But sometimes they play out together on the same stage. A grand conjunction, refers to when the solar system's two biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn link up together, as they will be on December 21st, 2020, the same day as the winter solstice (Yule, if you’re into that), in Aquarius. ♒️ This has been one of the most potent & talked about alignments in this whole wild ride of a year (...there has been a lot going on already, so this is really saying something). Why? Because grand conjunctions only occur about every 200 years, so this year is truly an era defining year.

“But Deanna, why are we talking about this, and what does this have to do with me?” Glad you asked! We are talking about this because, as your friendly neighborhood Aquarian Earth Priestess, we are gonna talk ‘bout it ok!? J/K. But for real. Astrology does not “tell our future” or “tell us what choices to make,” (and it certainly doesn’t allow us to excuse our accountability to our own fuckery because of Mercury Rx), but it sure as heck does help us understand ourselves and why we make the choices that we do. The Grand Conjunction is an alignment that has been creeping up into my bones since before I even had it on my brain radar, in the year of fuckery that I like to refer to as, ran-all-outa-fucks-2015. Back when I was hella lit up and deeply into doing my Shadowwork (ouch), and beginning to really understand this whole astrology thing as a wider tapestry from my still go-to astrologer, contributor, and NY Times Best Selling book author, Chani Nicholas. 🌙

Today we have a lunar eclipse in the sign Gemini. ♊️ Eclipses are already about seeing beyond the shadows, throw it in the sign of the Eternal Twins, and the mirror / gate magic flourishes. 🪞🕳 Eclipse season is portal season. The planets have been in such an intense dance this year, that it likely feels like you who are reading this is getting squeezed through a tube of toothpaste (at least...that’s the collective vibe in my twitter community). 😬 There’s good reason for all that! But we don’t have to be afraid of it, or let it zap our chill. We need our chill right now. Our resiliency matters when we are this late in this marathon of 2020 (and this political cycle), and that’s why I want to talk about what we can extrapolate for our very own survival out of all this upheaval. So let’s talk about our tools of learning.

Ok, this is the paragraph where I get all Aquarian, and hopefully my storytelling will enliven you to find hope in a sea of nonsense. Because you sea (sea what I did there), upheaval and nonsense is Aquarius’ thing! 🙌🏻 But so is realness (this is why we Aquarians are the lone wolf types, ahead in our intellect, mayyyyybe not as much in social skills). 🤓 This is because Aquarius is governed by both Saturn (it’s ancient ruler) and Uranus (it’s modern ruler). Saturn is the lord of time, limitations, structure, boundaries. Uranus is the lord of upheaval, disorder, revolution. Uranus in Roman mythology is the god of the sky, also Saturn’s dad (with Gaia, yup, Mama Earth as mother), and also Jupiter (Zeus’s) grandad. Woah. It’s a whole problematic sky family up there. And at this point I’ll totally acknowledge the use of western, mythological modalities. It is to be said that Uranus, in many other languages and cultures, still translates to generally ‘sky god,’ but for the purpose of this blog, we’re utilizing modern, western astrology because well, I’m me and I live in this timeline. I’m not from other cultures, and there has been a huge rise in the queering and diversifying of professional astrology, and I am all the way here for it (and I highly doubt you’re coming to my blog for the purpose of learning about say, Indigenous sky culture, I have zero place there).

Our friend Jupiter is the great benefic. The planet of plenty. Jupiter is friend to Mama Earth by protecting us with it’s gargantuan presence, swallowing up, spinning off, and otherwise protecting the inner part of the solar system from harm. Jupiter lets us have more life. On the day of The Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, December 21st, 2020, in era-defining Aquarius, Jupiter will be two days in this new fixed (accomplishing) Air (knowledge) sign, and Saturn will be four. Both planets this year have had an intense retrograde (meaning: review) period, and that sneaky Pluto (lord of the underworld and transformation) has been tangoing alongside them, just for an added measure of fuck-around-and-find-out fuckery, in Capricorn. ♑️ This has meant our world’s way of dealing with boundaries and structure has been bound up in Capricorn, a dense, cardinal (initiatory) Earth (grounding) sign about perceptible sensibilities. ALL of our planetary players will be direct and functioning in forward motion (think: proactive) with the conjunction...except for that questionable Uranus, squaring off on the Grand Conjunction, while in retrograde (that’s like, double trouble chaos potential). Square alignments are tough, touchy, sharp. And this is the part in the blog where I tell you to expect big, ultimately helpful, reveals on the stages your life plays upon, but that they will probably also be massively intense to deal with. 😬

Sounds a bit scary right? That’s ok! It kinda should. BUT with all this beneficial alignment with super helpful humanitarian, revolutionary Aquarius all up in the sky, there is opportunity to utilize this eclipse season to fine tune our own alignment. Y’all we can’t see everything that exists in the shadows with all the lights on. Our eyes have to adjust. This is what eclipses help us do...see what’s been imperceptible in the shadows. 🌕🌑🌞 We’ve got a pair of eclipses at our doorstep, the Light of dear Luna blinking out today so we can learn about our inner shadows - our body, our emotions, needs, wants. And the light of the Sun blinking out on December 14th (the same day our electoral college votes), allowing us to see what we normally can’t see about our outward manifestations in life. It’s intense, but it’s an enormously helpful review session if we can harness our minds quiet to listen in this eclipse portal, to that small, still voice within that is actually screaming at us for change (pssst...that’s your Divine Intuition’s not to be ignored, to detriment to our health).

So when Saturn links up with Jupiter, finally moving into Aquarius from where it’s been hangin’ around in Earth sign Capricorn for the last 200ish years, the energy in the room will shift forward toward high intellect, restructuring, revolutionary, foundational, group think. This is a fuck yes moment for us, if we’ve done our homework leading up, allowing the fall season to strip away that which is no longer serving our greatest good. A good dose of let, it, goooooo juice during this eclipse can serve quite well. 🍂

Part of my pre- eclipse season / Grand Conjunction homework was rebooting this blog, which I meant to write last week and get out on schedule today, 11/25 the day I am actually writing this from my bathtub ...after receiving my Gemini Full Moon Eclipse smack-upside-the-head-download a few days early, lol. 😮 It was nothing short of life altering, lol. And honestly, it was a download that had me questioning whether it was even necessary anymore to share all this work I’ve been compiling & building, and ultimately, I decided it was necessary. Because well, I’m an Aquarius Sun, and my natal Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Mars and even Black Moon Lilith have gotten quite the workover this year, all in Virgo (oof) in my second house (double oof). BUT….it is the dawning of an 🎶 "Age of Aquarius," 🎶 and it’s about to be bountiful, Divine Wisdom time, and all the channels are open toward healing. And thus is the onward journey of this blog and communication space. 💫

I implore you to also bring your communication to this blog! 🗣 Comments? 🗣 Feedback? 🗣 Questions? 🗣 Stay here with me friends, and let’s dig in! I have included two articles in the comments below from my favorite astrologer, Chani Nicholas, if you’d like to read more about Saturn in Aquarius (super recommend), or this end of the year astrology, and how it applies to your chart. 🌌🤓 She’s got a fantastic blog, book, and you can even get your own chart from her site. Please support her work, she has been instrumental in helping me find so much Life. 🙏🏻💗

Till next time loves! Be well out there! 🖖🏻

-Deanna Danger-

Photographic, base artwork by Sydnee Schorr, Gemini edit by me.

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Deanna Danger
Deanna Danger
Nov 30, 2020

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