Hello dear Earth Beings! 

I am Deanna Danger, and I am a Red Witch.

Over the past decade, I have been fortunate enough to explore profound spiritual practice through performance art, ceremonial ritual, and grueling trial after trial across every level of my existence. And while self-evolution is a journey rather than a destination, as I dance through my 40th rotation around our Sun, I can no longer ignore the quiet, still voice within that keeps calling me forth to step into a fuller expression in this lifetime, as a Healer. I have experienced quite a vast shift in personal consciousness. I have also assisted hundreds of people in finding comfort and ease in their own skin, along my decade path as a professional movement & art instructor. Here and now, is the expression of my choice to walk a more focused path forward of sharing the techniques & tools that have empowered me to find harmony and daily peace within.

I have always been my most comfortable on a stage, or hardwood classroom floor as a lifelong ballet dancer. As a child, astrology, mythology, the classical arts, nature and science were fascinating areas of study in my otherwise conservative upbringing. In my teen years I began to study media production and communications. In my college years, I found rebellion as the true, punk rock, Aquarian spirit that I was waking up to be. And in my 20s, I began to come full circle with my dance and artistic roots, as the Art of Burlesque entered my life. Thanks to my lifetime of classical dance training and my Bachelors in Mass Communications, it was not long before I became a full time, professional burlesque & performance artist, producer and instructor. And as easy as finding a place in this industry was, what was not easy, were the many life lessons I had no idea were fast approaching. I was blessed with book smarts first, then street smarts (ouch), and after surviving existential crisis after crisis, I found myself at the doorstep to an ascension, beginning to understand the many paradoxes of shadows & light I was destined to experience in this life.

As a burlesque artist, my medium is the Divine Feminine. As a Witch my self-initiation into the Path of Red Witchery did not seem grounded until absolutely every level of my life was stripped bare, turned inside out, set ablaze, adrift, and allowed the freedom to truly exist from the Source of my own Flow. My own Frequency. My own Resonance that I was finally hearing, aside from the static the World imprinted on my Earth body. I firmly believe that we are spiritual beings having an in-body experience, and through the practice of folkloric ritual performance art, aka burlesque, I have been able to divine forth, and connect with my Essence on a primal, embodied level.

While there are many spiritual paths and modalities available in modern witchcraft & mysticism, I am of the belief that magic is available to absolutely everyone who chooses to accept the validity of a force and source larger than, and undefinable by words or symbols. I am an orphaned Witch. There is no recent, historical record that I have yet found that points to any particular ancestor who was a studied Witch. And though my Becoming was a bit of a rough, solo landing, I honor that it just means my Ancestral Healing in this life has to reach that much more deeply and profoundly. I have several ancestral lineages ravaged by Christianity, Catholicism and Fascism and it is crucial to utilize my instincts, abilities and connection to Source to assist others on their journey of self-actualized healing.

I have found great peace within, and physical health in my body by reversing my particular spirals, just by living into my own Embodied Frequency. I know that my Soul chose to incarnate in this lifetime, and karmically suffer as greatly as I have, in order to be of assistance to others like me who are awakening from the long slumber of ignorance, complacency and feigned control over our own lives. I have received this knowledge through clairaudient & clairsentient experience, journeying, meditation, other lightworkers & healers, medicinal plant experience and dreams. And the more I paid attention to the signposts my Spirit Guides were showing me, the easier my life has been unfolding in improved alignment.

As an Aquarian Sun, I have a hefty reservation to observing the status quo. And while I have practiced with a coven, I have found greater success as a solo practitioner. In the last decade of my awakening I have studied many spiritual traditions and modalities, and found many commonalities amongst them. I have found some great tools and techniques in traditions that are of my own lineage (namely, of Scottish, Irish and Czechoslovakian ancestry), but I have also had to sift through Witchcraft and healing traditions too long passed through the lens of patriarchal Colonialism. As a Lightworker, it is my lifelong goal to exist as an agent of change. I aim to foster and revolutionize spiritual integrity and practice amongst artistic and spiritual communities.

My Red Witchery, is simple Nature Witchery. Elements. Fire. Earth. Air. Water. Aether. Add on an essential dose of Mindfulness Practice, Mahayana Buddhism and Chakra energy work and you’ve got my areas of continued, lifelong study and daily practice. I am absolutely enthralled with revolutionary development in brain & DNA science and astrophysics, and am a firm believer in magic being science that just hasn't been proven right yet. I do believe all of our ancestors had important Earth Wisdom that we are all in danger of losing. I do also believe there are Medicine Folk in the world who have not lost tradition, and whom we all need to be protecting and bolstering the voices of, here in the late-stage collapse of Capitalism & Colonialism. Although my practices and offerings herein may be in ‘nondenominational neo-folkloric low magic,’ my time is spent immersing myself furthermore in more intricate traditions and studies.


A quickie, 2-3-minute art of Earth spirituality consult. Include email for delivery.




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A full spectrum, 15-minute art of Earth + Animal spirituality consult.




A full spectrum, 30-minute art of Animal spirituality consult as interpreted w/ planetary placement.



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